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A local radio station is hosting a "Baby Idol" contest, and I've entered Felicity. Apparently the voting began on March 15th, but I totally spaced on the day it began... so I need your votes to help my baby girl catch up on votes and win! ;)

If you'd like to vote for her, please visit this site and click the "VOTE" button:

The prizes are amazing:

- $1000.00! (College tuition money for Felicity!)
- $500 certificate to American Laser Centers and a Microdermabrasion for Mom!
- Over $350 in assorted Belli products from the pregnancy, motherhood, and baby collection.
- $350 value portrait session for the winning child and one 11x14 portrait from Shutter Box Photos.
- $250 value gift basket from Baby Pictures stuffed full of wonderful products for your baby from Lankie & Lovie, Catamini, Ahava, Elegant and LeBlanc.
- $250 gift card from Bartell Drugs.
... and the website says "more", but I don't know what they are (either way, it sounds fantastic).

There are literally thousands of babies entered into this contest, and many have been getting daily votes since it opened... So if you have some time and want to do something extra special and nice for us, please visit the site and Vote for Felicity! And feel free to spread this link around, if you feel so inclined! ;) Felicity needs to be in the top 500 of almost 4000 babies to get to Round 2...

That said, I hope you're having a lovely March. We're enjoying the blooming daffodils and sporadic days of sunshine (Felicity likes to pick the sprouting "dowies", which is how she says "flowers").
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