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under the rainbow.

I am so blessed.

Eric got a job! Felicity can sit up on her own! We're not sick!

Also, I'm going to be creating a wedding business with my sister-in-law, Sarah, and one of my best friends, Martha. We'll do flowers, cakes, some desserts, websites, and planning/organizing. We're also going to offer diaper cakes and baby shower planning/hosting! It should be lots of fun.

Eric's mother is on her way to Pullman right now, for the annual FFA convention. I'm jealous. I really want to go there, I'd love to see some old friends that are still at WSU. That said, I also wish I could've gone because maybe then I wouldn't have the horrible, awful haircut I'm currently sporting. It's SHORT SHORT SHORT, as in, pixie cut. The front and top is cute, but the back needs to grow out because there is absolutely NO style to the way my "stylist" cut it - it's rounded like a boy's haircut, no cute edging or layering. SIGH. I miss Denise Lord, she works in downtown Pullman and I've NEVER had anybody cut and style my hair better. She's amazing.

My computer is finally set up in our bedroom, but I still have to move over my portable HD so I can start uploading some photos and finish some personal websites. Woo!

Okay, I'm done now.

That was a lie. My sister's almost due! I'm so excited for her! Her total weight gain is eight pounds - she was so sick and lost so much weight, but she's finally doing better and I couldn't be happier for her and her husband, Josh. They also confirmed recently that they're having a little girl... Yay!

My friend Martha is due (again) in December, which makes it twelve months between her baby Melanie and the new little one on its way. I'd be so scared, I definitely want to wait a couple of years before having another (God willing).

My friends Megan and Mykal are both due in the beginning of August, the same week as Sarah...

Megan's sister is due in a few weeks...

... and then I know at least three or four other couples who are expecting, trying, or just had babies.

Baby booms are definitely filled with cuteness, but I can't help but wonder how many people are having babies because they're "stylish" (this is aimed more toward celebrities, single women, and crazies like the octo-mom). And I don't even want to imagine the number of dirty diapers filling up our landfills.

Okay, on that note, I'm done.

(Almost - I wish you could hear Felicity. I should record her. Her babble is SO freaking cute.)
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November 19 2010, 19:53:38 UTC 7 years ago

Omgoodness, someone forwarded me this link because they saw my name in it. How flattering, thank you and I hope since this was over a year ago your haircut is on the mend and you've found someone you really enjoy going to!
~Denise Lord