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Lock, Stock...

Felicity is grabbing her toys! Not all of the time, and it's a very awkward snatch, but she's working on her hand-eye coordination and today she grabbed her toys and learned that she causes her rattle to make noise! It makes her so happy - she hasn't done a huge giggle or laugh out loud yet (it's mainly huge smiles and coos and gurgles and happy shrieks), but I'm hoping soon she'll be actually laughing. Usually she smiles with her mouth completely open and makes this "HEEEEEEE" sound that's kind of deep, but I want giggles like she does when she's sleeping! Oh, and with her little Asian eyes, she's so darn adorable when she smiles that I sometimes have to grab a pillow to squeeze really hard (because I can't squeeze her hard yet).

Also, she's still rolling over from tummy to back (she's been doing that since she was about five days old). Oh, and she loves her mobile.

I love being a mommy. It's so rewarding.

Oh, and I will be posting a link to her website soon-ish. Promise. Really. For seriously.
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