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I remember an internet of strangers seeking true connection. We somehow went from blogs to memes, from online journals to generic profiles. And while I enjoy a great GIF, sometimes I yearn for those days when I'd meet a new friend online, and we'd be that... FRIENDS. I met somebody on LJ more than a decade ago, and she's still dear to my heart — but FB and Twitter and Insta aren't the proper space for sharing intimacy. We've been truncated by character limits and the appeal of "likes", as if clicking an emoji somehow brings us closer.

Let's bring back the blogs, y'all. We need safe places to share.

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Geekery: Manga For Sale

In light of the whole not having a job thing, and needing money for baby stuff, and since I'm seriously out of practice with Japanese... I've decided to sell items from my manga/artbooks/random stuff collection.

These are all in perfect, mint condition. Please note, all items were imported from Japan years ago, and are NOT in English.

Also, I will be updating this with more information on specific series, with pictures, etc. Later.

If you know of anybody who is interested in anime/manga, please feel free to direct them to this post. Thanks!

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So, I'm alive.

Evelynne Michelle was born on July 4, 2010. She weighed 8 lbs, 9 oz. and was 20.5 inches long. Same stats as her older sister!

So far, she's pretty easy; very emotional sometimes, but that also means she smiles more than any baby I've ever known.

I'm happy, adjusting, etc. Lots going on, and no energy to blog about it.
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A local radio station is hosting a "Baby Idol" contest, and I've entered Felicity. Apparently the voting began on March 15th, but I totally spaced on the day it began... so I need your votes to help my baby girl catch up on votes and win! ;)

If you'd like to vote for her, please visit this site and click the "VOTE" button:

The prizes are amazing:

- $1000.00! (College tuition money for Felicity!)
- $500 certificate to American Laser Centers and a Microdermabrasion for Mom!
- Over $350 in assorted Belli products from the pregnancy, motherhood, and baby collection.
- $350 value portrait session for the winning child and one 11x14 portrait from Shutter Box Photos.
- $250 value gift basket from Baby Pictures stuffed full of wonderful products for your baby from Lankie & Lovie, Catamini, Ahava, Elegant and LeBlanc.
- $250 gift card from Bartell Drugs.
... and the website says "more", but I don't know what they are (either way, it sounds fantastic).

There are literally thousands of babies entered into this contest, and many have been getting daily votes since it opened... So if you have some time and want to do something extra special and nice for us, please visit the site and Vote for Felicity! And feel free to spread this link around, if you feel so inclined! ;) Felicity needs to be in the top 500 of almost 4000 babies to get to Round 2...

That said, I hope you're having a lovely March. We're enjoying the blooming daffodils and sporadic days of sunshine (Felicity likes to pick the sprouting "dowies", which is how she says "flowers").
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easy decorating.

So, baby number two is another girl! We're going to name her Evelynne, I'll update when we decide on a middle name. Suggestions welcome! (We're currently liking Grace (Eric) and Lauraine (me), but I kind of want something with a prettier meaning/origin). Lauraine is my grandmother's name, though, so I like it quite a bit.

Other than general pregnancy woes (bladder's too small, this time I have heartburn, etc.), life is good! The sun has been shining, and although they'll probably die when it frosts again, I'm enjoying the blooming daffodils and tulips around my house.

Felicity's super mobile - her favorite activities include running after strangers with dogs, climbing stairs whenever possible, and picking flowers for her Daddy. She also LOVES reading, and can recognize most of the alphabet (that big head has to be holding some mega brains). She's known the "Mommy" letter (M) and "Daddy" letter (D) since before she was a year old, and now we've moved on to quite a few more. She speaks well over 100 words, uses sign language constantly to express the words she can't say yet, and is just the biggest bundle of pride, love, and joy we could've hoped for... and soon we'll get to have another adorable, super genius baby! Yes, life is good. Oh, and by "biggest bundle" I mean incredibly large considering she's just a tiny little thing, not even on the charts for height and weight because she's genetically inclined to be a runt. Her tallest female relative is 5'6"... Heh.

I'm quite literally HUGE around the belly. If one more person asks if I'm having twins, I might just pee on them. I can't help it that I was blessed with a big booty, and that I grow big babies with LOTS of room in the uterus! Just because some chick delivered a teeny six ounce kid and had a tiny placenta doesn't mean we all have to be that way! My babies are born FAT and only get chubbier (until they start walking, or genetics kick in). I was huge with Felicity, and I'm huge with Evelynne, and I'll undoubtedly be huge with the next baby as well. Such is life. So get over it, skinny women with skinny babies.

There. How's that for an update? Big news, cute news, and even a mini-rant! Now all I need to do is post a photo... (Eh, just logon to Facebook to see one, I'm lazy.)
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I'm an AUNTIE!


My sister in law JUST had her baby, a beautiful little girl. I can't wait to spoil her and take her shopping with Felicity!


Life is goooooooood.

God is great, babies are such miracles from Heaven!
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Boys are so stupid, sometimes.

It's late, and Felicity has randomly woken up, as she's been doing lately (I think it's a growth spurt, whee). I feed her, and am rocking her to sleep in my arms. Eric is playing video games.

My brother calls my cell phone. I don't answer, as I'm with baby. Eric doesn't answer, because he's lazy.

He then calls Eric's cell phone. Eric finally think to himself, "Hm, maybe I should answer it, could be important." He goes to find his phone, but doesn't get there in time. He thinks to himself, "Oh, well."

David THEN calls the house phone. Of course, at this point I'm nearly livid, because I'm trying to put my baby back to sleep, and if Eric would just ANSWER THE FREAKING PHONE she'd be asleep already and back in her crib, instead of jerking awake and looking for the source of the noise.

Eric sees that it's my brother, again, but instead of ANSWERING THE PHONE he ignores it, because now he's annoyed that my brother has called so late, and so many times.


Wouldn't the fact that somebody has called EVERY freaking phone in the house signify to any normal person that they REALLY need to talk? I was assuming an emergency or something. Eric was just "annoyed" and so didn't answer.

So I finally put baby back to sleep, and call my brother back... and he says sorry for calling so often, because it wasn't an emergency after all, HE JUST HAD A COMMENT ABOUT AN EMAIL CONVERSATION WE WERE HAVING.


Why couldn't he just EMAIL ME THE DAMN COMMENT?

Why can't my husband just ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE?

Argh. Stupid. Boys. Argh.
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last Friday (to Saturday).

Rough night.

She woke up screaming three times, big tears, etc. Nightmare? Gas? Teething?

Finally, sleeeeeeep!

She woke at 4:15am, hungry! What happened to 6:30am?

Had leaked through diaper - mama didn't put it on properly, oops. Daddy had to change the sheets and everything while mama fed baby.

Baby ate, baby was half-asleep. Mama burped baby, baby burped... and vomited up at least six ounces, all over Mama, chair, floor, Boppy pillow.

Baby is hungry again, but won't eat. Can't sleep, too much went on. Mama is dead exhausted.

Daddy is sleeping.


Even with the occasional rough nights, I still love being a Mommy. Best thing, ever!
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