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So, baby number two is another girl! We're going to name her Evelynne, I'll update when we decide on a middle name. Suggestions welcome! (We're currently liking Grace (Eric) and Lauraine (me), but I kind of want something with a prettier meaning/origin). Lauraine is my grandmother's name, though, so I like it quite a bit.

Other than general pregnancy woes (bladder's too small, this time I have heartburn, etc.), life is good! The sun has been shining, and although they'll probably die when it frosts again, I'm enjoying the blooming daffodils and tulips around my house.

Felicity's super mobile - her favorite activities include running after strangers with dogs, climbing stairs whenever possible, and picking flowers for her Daddy. She also LOVES reading, and can recognize most of the alphabet (that big head has to be holding some mega brains). She's known the "Mommy" letter (M) and "Daddy" letter (D) since before she was a year old, and now we've moved on to quite a few more. She speaks well over 100 words, uses sign language constantly to express the words she can't say yet, and is just the biggest bundle of pride, love, and joy we could've hoped for... and soon we'll get to have another adorable, super genius baby! Yes, life is good. Oh, and by "biggest bundle" I mean incredibly large considering she's just a tiny little thing, not even on the charts for height and weight because she's genetically inclined to be a runt. Her tallest female relative is 5'6"... Heh.

I'm quite literally HUGE around the belly. If one more person asks if I'm having twins, I might just pee on them. I can't help it that I was blessed with a big booty, and that I grow big babies with LOTS of room in the uterus! Just because some chick delivered a teeny six ounce kid and had a tiny placenta doesn't mean we all have to be that way! My babies are born FAT and only get chubbier (until they start walking, or genetics kick in). I was huge with Felicity, and I'm huge with Evelynne, and I'll undoubtedly be huge with the next baby as well. Such is life. So get over it, skinny women with skinny babies.

There. How's that for an update? Big news, cute news, and even a mini-rant! Now all I need to do is post a photo... (Eh, just logon to Facebook to see one, I'm lazy.)
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