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last Friday (to Saturday).

Rough night.

She woke up screaming three times, big tears, etc. Nightmare? Gas? Teething?

Finally, sleeeeeeep!

She woke at 4:15am, hungry! What happened to 6:30am?

Had leaked through diaper - mama didn't put it on properly, oops. Daddy had to change the sheets and everything while mama fed baby.

Baby ate, baby was half-asleep. Mama burped baby, baby burped... and vomited up at least six ounces, all over Mama, chair, floor, Boppy pillow.

Baby is hungry again, but won't eat. Can't sleep, too much went on. Mama is dead exhausted.

Daddy is sleeping.


Even with the occasional rough nights, I still love being a Mommy. Best thing, ever!
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