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on the sly.

This is mainly for Sarah, since I know she'll find it just as amusing as I did...

A few minutes ago two very stylish city girls knocked a bit frantically on my door. They wanted to let me know that we had a huge brush fire on our property (!!!!!!).

It was actually a very small, very controlled burning pile of brush and other yard debris.

It was actually our obnoxious neighbors' property.

I'm still giggling a bit.


Oh, and life is okay - I got sick again, Felicity got sick again, Eric got really sick again, but we're better now. And the daffodils and tulips are blooming. And I have hot-pink geraniums to plant!

Oh, and my mom has a HUGE kidney stone, so there's an operation scheduled for in a week, but that's nothing compared to the huge operation she had to remove a tumour that THANK GOD was not cancerous. I've pretty much been taking care of various family members for the last month.

(So in case you were wondering why I still haven't been updating, now you know.)
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