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Chewie is FOUND!

My perfect little lovable orange and white tabby kitty is missing.

Eric let him outside yesterday before he left at 3:45pm, we both arrived home at 7pm. Normally Chewie and Oliver will both run up to the cars to say hello and walk with us down our walkway to the door so they can come inside and have a treat and get some snuggles.

Chewie wasn't there. I was worried, I told Eric that something was wrong. He said Chewie was okay, he's a cat and they like to wander.

I called him, and later called him some more. He always comes when I call, but he didn't come last night... Then it snowed, and hailed.

Chewie HATES hail. He always comes running frantically for the door when it's bad weather.

Yes, he's spoiled.

He didn't come, even though I called him all evening...

... and this morning.

I've walked our two acres twice, and along the highway, and the only options left are to ask our neighbors (we have two, one with a chocolate labrador who likes to chase Chewie up trees, the other with two huge Newfoundlands that run away from our cats), or assume that coyotes got him.

It seems odd that coyotes would get him, though, because he went missing between 3:45-7pm, and they're not usually out until dusk in this area.

Hopefully he's just been enjoying himself in a neighbor's kitchen, eating canned tuna and being spoiled with love.

I miss him.


Apparently he hopped into the back of Eric's best friend's pickup truck, and spent the night in the rafters of their garage. We got him back a couple of hours ago, and I kept my promise to Eric (that if we found him, Chewie would get an entire BIG can of tuna). He has yet to finish it, but that's only because he's too busy killing mice and chasing hummingbirds. =)
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